Spare parts

It may not come as surprise that there are no spare parts available any longer from the manufacturers of the nearly 90-year-old Wilson preselector gearboxes. In case one needs parts that are no longer available one has to either draw on used parts or it is necessary to have them manufactured individually, the latter often being an expensive option. However, there are very dedicated companies remanufacturing a range of parts in small series and of high quality.

I have already remanufactured special parts that are needed again and again myself or have them remanufactured. Moreover, I have a comprehensive collection of used parts at my disposal. Thanks to good contacts to national and international top-suppliers I am able to provide new and used parts, aswell as ball bearings (metric and inch), oil seals and linings for break bands and clutches, within a reasonable range of time.

Not only clients that use my repair service benefit from my "parts service" but also the devoted "DIY"-hobby mechanic.

Do not hesitate to call me, I am happy to help and give advice: +49 4105 83897.



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