The Wilson Preselector Gearbox - Typ Armstrong Siddeley


This is the complete, informative handbook on the Wilson preselector gearbox! It describes in detail the design, function, dismantling, overhaul and re-assembly of this revolutionary invention of British engineer Walter Gordon Wilson. For drivers of classic cars with a preselector gearbox, it will increase their understanding of the technology of the gearbox, and gives valuable tips for maintenance.

Finally, the experienced "DIY mechanic" will find this a reliable guide for repair and comprehensive overhaul. Even specialists in classic cars, faced with overhauling a preselector gearbox, will find this work a welcome reference guide. With careful work and suitable skills, this book will allow overhaul not only of an Armstrong Siddeley type Wilson gearbox, but also one from manufacturesr E.N.V. and Daimler.

The enclosed DVD contains a 3D animation showing the function of the camshaft, procedures for gear shift and how the individual gear units work, from neutral through to the direct gear. The DVD also contains, as PDF files, eighteen patent specifications from Walter Gordon Wilson dating from 1901 to 1953, the construction drawing for a gearbox test bench and an Excel file for calculating the gear ratios.