The E.N.V. 75 Preselector Gearbox Workshop Manual

I would like to kindly ask everyone interested in the “E.N.V Preselector Gearbox Workshop Manual” for their understanding that my book is not yet available. The further delay has many reasons: the manual is much more comprehensive and goes much more into detail than my book on the Armstrong Siddeley Gearbox.

And it is simply a good deal of work: writing the text, editing pictures, making drawings of parts and special tools, creating layouts, having the text translated and proofread etc. In addition, over time I have collected almost 100 copies of original blue prints, provided by enthusiasts from around the world.

I have decided to include all of these drawings in the book in order to enable future generations to understand these complex pre-selector gearboxes in all detail, to undertake repairs and even make, parts which are no longer available, according to the original dimensions of the old drawings. Unfortunately, a large part of the original drawings are copies of copies of copies etc. making it very hard to see all the details.

So, I make all these drawings again as well as drawings of parts of which no drawings are available. Furthermore, contrary to my original plan, the manual also describes the different types of the E.N.V. 75 such as those installed in vehicles of MG, Lagonda Rapier, Riley, Alvis etc. Moreover, by popular demand, I will also include the instructions for retrofitting Riley gearboxes to MG specifications.

As said above, I would like to ask you for your understanding for the delayed publication of the manual. There are only 24 hours in a day, my workshop is fully booked and to balance my “literary” and craft activities I still play about 40 gigs a year with my band. I would like to ask you to write me a short email if you are interested in the E.N.V. manual.

I will put you on the waiting list and inform you as soon as the book is published.