The WILSON preselector gearbox and the various designs by licensees such as Armstrong Siddeley, Daimler, E.N.V. or Talbot have been objects of my intense study in theory and practice for a few years. And since the beginning of 2012 I have been offering a full repair and overhauling service for these gearboxes with my company pbm engineering. This website shows a range of work that I offer in respect of a part or full revision of your preselector-box.

Today, there are only few companies and "hobby mechanics" in Europe that are still able to undertake professional repairs of these complex preselector-boxes. The precise adjustment of the gear box is an even more sophisticated task many mechanics have foundered on.

I guarantee reliable, fast and professional work at reasonable rates. Once your gearbox has been delivered to me I compile a detailed status report by inspecting and, if necessary, partly disassembling the gearbox in order that I can make a precise cost estimate. (My suggestion: take some hours to deliver your gearbox yourself and be present when I do this please have in mind to arrange a time in advance). My invoice details all necessary work procedures and spare parts that have been built in, so it is easy for you to comprehend what work has been done. As additional proof you will get back the replaced parts, of course.

After the work has been completed all gearboxes will be tested for a couple of hours on my test rigg and you will receive a brochure detailing how to correctly fit it in your car plus a CD with a photo documentation of the repair (“before”/”after”). All old parts will be returned.

The E.N.V. 75 WORKSHOP MANUAL – available now!

This workshop manual deals in detail with the construction, function, maintenance and production changes of the E.N.V. 75 and provides a comprehensive guide to repair and a complete restoration of this gearbox type. This manual is deliberately not a hardback edition. Every page is removable and, in a protective plastic cover, may serve as an aid directly where needed: on the workbench. In addition, it contains some useful tips for DIY mechanics as well as a DVD with 34 construction drawings to manufacture special tools, some of which are indispensable assistants when repairing the gearboxes. On the DVD you also will find more than 280 restored original blueprints and a range of drawings created by the author himself. They will aid you in remanufacturing many parts that are no longer available.

Testimonials Mike Pilgrim/UK: you have produced an outstandíng manual, in such a clear lucid style that even readers with little experience of such work should be able to follow it easily, and it will be a valuable guide to those who think they know it all, but should know better.

Jim Williams/Australia: I was overwhelmed when I did a cursory inspection of this manual. It is absolutely the best descriptive and instructive manual I have ever encountered. I think that every person owning an automobile with the ENV transmission should have a copy, whether he intends working on the gearbox or not.